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Dream Babes Wallpapers

July 24, 2007
Mandy Moore Julia Volkova Rose McGowan
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These are dream babes wallpaper that I created on 2007, I love to make same wallpapers of celebrities to fresh up my desktop, I’m not really talented but just love it. I think I’m gonna add new babes for more collection.


Julia Volkova

May 22, 2007

Julia Volkova

Julia Volkova (Russian: Юля Волкова) is one of the members of the Russian duo t.A.T.u.. They are notorious for shocking the public and trying to break taboos by performing on stage in only their underwear. Volkova is known for being the “bad girl” of the group.

Volkova was born into the family of a successful businessman in Moscow on February 20th, 1985. At the age of 6, parallel to ordinary school, Julia entered a music school and began learning how to play the piano. When she was 9, Volkova became a member of the children’s singing chorus Neposedi, singing the Russian folk song “Oy, to ne vecher” at the casting. A year later, Lena Katina joined Neposedi, and they became good friends. At age 11, Julia switched from ordinary school to a school fostering artistic talent, and three years later left Neposedi to join t.A.T.u.

She has insisted that she was banned from Neposedi for drinking and swearing, but Neposedi representatives deny this, saying that she simply graduated as all of their members did at a certain age. Volkova was chosen as the second member of t.A.T.u. in 1999, after Katina had already been chosen and recorded several demos herself. To be in the band, she had to cut her naturally blond hair short and dye it black. Both girls were under a very tight contract that dictated what they did, what they said, and even how they felt. Volkova was told to ignore questions from reporters, frown, and look clearly upset to further the contrast between herself and Katina.

Volkova began to record songs in English with t.A.T.u. despite having very little knowledge of the language. An English teacher was hired to help her achieve this. In earlier interviews she often gave little more than one-word answers in English, and Katina had to often translate what she said for the reporters. In more recent interviews, she has shown that her English skills have greatly improved due to a six-month residency in L.A. to record Dangerous and Moving and Lyudi Invalidy in 2005. She usually answers questions for herself when asked in English, rarely relying on Katina’s translations unless the question has more complex English in it. Volkova’s English is also expected to improve greatly as they will be spending another half year in America recording the third album. Both women are set to leave on March 18th, 2007. Also, when t.A.T.u. planned to head west, Volkova’s name was changed to Julia. Since coming back from the west, and the release of more recent albums, she goes more by Julia.

In February 2003, Volkova was reported to have had an abortion, as she was seen at an abortion clinic in Moscow. This was confirmed by Volkova in the documentary series “Anatomy of t.A.T.u.” in December later that year. In early 2004, Volkova’s voice began to deteriorate during the recording of t.A.T.u.’s second album, which was documented on the reality show Podnebesnaya. Due to the stress put on her voice by notes then-producer Ivan Shapovalov insisted she sing, she developed a vocal fold cyst. Despite reluctance on behalf of the management of t.A.T.u., and Ivan Shapovalov himself, she underwent surgery to remove the cyst in October 2004. Her contract stated that any financial loss due to her hospital stay and recovery would be her liability. Not only did the surgery leave a large scar on her neck, but it also severely delayed the band’s progress. She is currently undergoing therapy to repair her voice.

In May 2004, Volkova announced that she was pregnant and that her long-time boyfriend Pavel (Pasha) Sidorov fathered her child. She gave birth to daughter Viktoria Pavlovna Volkova on September 23, 2004. Volkova split up with Sidorov in Spring 2005. However, she didn’t stay single for long. While in Los Angeles, during 2005, recording the second album, she started to date Tigran, a businessman and fellow Russian.

In April 2006, Volkova was reported to be dating former Smash!! and Neposedi member, Vlad Topalov. It was said that she loved him very much, and wanted to have a child with him. But, in an interview in the January 2007 issue of the Ukrainian edition of Cosmopolitan, Volkova announced that she and Topalov had split up due to conflicting characters.